Thursday, June 11, 2015

The New Pantine تغطية ايفنت بانتين لإطلاق منتج ثوري جديد

بداية هذا الأسبوع يوم الأحد ٧ يونيو دُعيت لحضور ايفنت بانتين في دبي ريتز كارلتون لإطلاق منتجهم الجديد للشعر بتقنية ثورية مختلفة وضيوف الحفل كانو الجميلة قلبا وقالبا جويل مردينيان، ديالا مكي وفوز الفهد.. كلمونا اكثر عن تقنية المنتج وتجربتهم له ونصايح للمحافظة على جمال الشعر من خبرتهم..

بشارككم صور ولقطات من الايفنت وبعدها راح اكتبلكم عن المنتج..

On Sunday, June 7th I was invited to Pantine event to get an exclusive reveal behind the new Pantine discovery with Joelle Mardinian, Diala Makki and Fouz Alfahad..




اكيد سمعتو والاغلب عارفين ان مويه الشاور عندنا تمنع من ان الشعر يكون صحي ولامع وكثير سمعتو نصايح انه نشطف شعرنا اخر شي بقارورة مويه صحة عشان نحافظ على جمال ولمعية الشعر،، 
وبما انه هذا الحل مو عملي ومو كثير يلجأو له، هالمشكلة كانت سبب باختراع بانتين الجديد. 
بانيتن عملو دراسات عالمية مكثفة واكتشفو ان بقايا مادة النحاس المتراكمة بمويه الشاور هي السبب بالضرر وبالتالي اخترعو هذا المنتج بالتقنية الجديدة مع مضادات الاكسدة لصد الضرر عن الشعر الناتج من مادة النحاس وبالتالي يزيد الاحتفاظ بالبروتين في الشعر ويصير صحي اكثر مع الوقت..

المنتج عبارة عن شامبو وبلسم وبديل الزيت راح استخدمها بشكل متكرر لمن اخلص العلبة وارجع اعملكم ابديت ان شالله بتجربتي وهل فعلا شعري صار صحي ولا لا.. ;)

Women in the Gulf region suspect that poor quality tap water is standing in the way of having the healthy, beautiful, flowing hair that they crave. Many women even resort to rinsing their hair in bottled water to achieve their healthiest, most beautiful hair. To many celebrities and hair stylists this ritual is the standard of excellence for hair care in lieu of an alternative.

Joelle Mardinian says: “I’m always asked by my fans if tap water stops them from achieving their desired end look. To overcome this, I recommend that they rinse their hair with bottled water to add vibrancy and a better overall style.”

However it’s expensive, messy, complicated, and sometimes, rather cold. The daily reality for most women is to rely on tap water to care for their hair even though they don’t see the results they want in the mirror. But why shouldn’t women have the hair they want no matter where or how they wash it? Pantene says they should.

Pantene Seeks To Understand the Effect of Tap Water on Hair’s Health

Many women and beauty experts believe that the water they wash their hair with may be damaging. Listening to these concerns, the Pantene Hair Research Institute carried out a global study to better understand this belief. Their research revealed a surprising source of hair damage: excessive mineral impurities, specifically copper, present in tap water.

The Path to Finding a Solution: Rooted In Innovation

What seemed to be an easy problem to solve was a reminder that scientific research is rarely simple. While it seemed logical that damaging copper could simply be “washed” off of the hair with shampoo, it wasn’t the case. The Pantene Hair Research Institute recommended using a molecule that attracts minerals such as copper, like a magnet, to fix the problem. They tried a slew of different molecules to see if they could lift the copper from hair, but none prevailed, so the Pantene Hair Research Institute kept searching for their beauty breakthrough.

A Breakthrough Beauty Discovery: Pantene Damage Blockers

The Pantene Hair Research Institute discovered EDDS, the first “Damage Blocker” technology, which blocks the copper content deposited on hair by tap water, acting like a shield so that the copper does not reach the hair and create further damage.

Pantene Pro-V shampoos have been reformulated to include Damage Blockers (EDDS), becoming its first global innovation designed to prevent the damage caused by copper levels in hair. The Damage Blockers (EDDS) minimize the erosion of hair’s vital proteins so that hair remains healthy, smooth and flowing. With continued use, copper-induced oxidative stress declines and hair’s proteins are better preserved.

Dr. Steve Shiel, Associate Director in Scientific Communications for The Procter & Gamble Company, says: “Our study proves that during the first wash, Pantene’s shampoos with EDDS begin working to address hair’s copper levels while revealing the natural beauty of each fiber. With continued use, copper-induced oxidative stress declines, protein preservation improves, reinforcing EDDS as a effective solution to prevent damage caused by copper in water.”

Approved by Beauty Influencers!

Huda Kattan says: “After you wash your hair, you can instantly feel a change in the texture of your hair, it just feels hard & dry. I know that the quality and purity of water is a HUGE reason behind that. That’s why I absolutely love this new shampoo from Pantene! Finally I can forget about using bottled water to rinse my hair!”

Diala Makki says: “Pantene shampoos with Damage Blockers give me the most beautiful, HEALTHY hair I’ve been craving! Even if I wash my hair every day, tap water no longer stands in the way of achieving a flowing, beautiful style. I’m so convinced by the results that I won’t be rinsing with bottled water as a final step in my hair care regimen anymore.”


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