Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tag: You're it! :)

So I've been tagged by three amazing bloggers FleurishJude, ThatRedLip, NorahAlofi

Thanks for tagging me it's really a fun tag and I thought I'd do it :D

البلوقرز الجميلات FleurishJude, ThatRedLip, NorahAlofi سوولي تاق وعجبتني فكرته وحبيت أسويه 
وسوري عالأسئلة الطويلة XD

1) Answer the 11 questions set.
2) Set 11 questions for the people you tag
3) Mention the blog who tagged you

FleurishJude Questions:

1) Why do you blog ? I like to share my interest in beauty/fashion with other girls hopefully they enjoy it and find it helpful <3

2) Whats your all time fav nail polish ? I like cherry red nail polishes in general, my current favorite one is Inglot #865

3) Who is your role model? other than the prophet ' peace be upon him ' and your mom xD. I don't have a role model. I like to look up to the good in people and get inspired by everyone. 

4) Any phobias ? No I'm strong girl xp

5) How do you deal with negativity and gossiping? Simply I don't care!! :)

6) 2012 fav product ? Couldn't pick any :( maybe the Macadamia Hair Products love them so much.

7) What is the meaning of success to you ? Being confident and satisfied with yourself and what you do.

8) What do you do for a living? I'm a miserable KAU student.

9) Do you take blogging as a serious thing or more like fun? a serious fun :)

10) Fav blogger ? she's amazing <3

11) Best 2012 memory ? My blog <3 but honestly 2012 sucks in general!

That Red lips Questions:


1- What do you think is the real secret to feeling gorgeous? Confidence. 
2- What is you fav novel? I don't read novels I've tried but I coudn't :\
3- Best thing to eat for breakfast? My freshly baked blueberries muffins with coffee YUM <3
4- What beauty product gives you the most self confidence? Foundation or concealer.
5- What trend do you love right? and what trend would love to see go? I loved the Peplum trend very flattering for my figure. I'd love to see crazy hair colors get trendy like blue or bright red ( cuz I wanna dye my hair a crazy color without looking like a strange xp )
6- Fav piece in your wardrobe? My high heel babies <3
7- What is your most inexpensive beauty item? I'd say Vaseline body lotion love it <3
8- What do you think of fake eyelashes? A must for night out makeup look!
9- What movies could you watch over and over and still love? I don't watch movies that much but I'd choose something funny like Adam Sandler's movies.
10- If you could have any job in the world what would it be? You can take this q as fun! (; Professional makeup artist :)
11-What is the best invention of all time? Makeup <3

أسئلة نورة العوفي:

١/ احلى مرحله فحياتك كانت متى ؟ كل مراحل حياتي قبل لا أدخل الجامعة خصوصا لمّا كنت بالثانوي كنت فرحانة وسعيدة ومبسوطة ومرتاحة! -_-

٢ / تفضلين تشتغلين فتخصصك الجامعي ، ولا تكملين وتتوسعين بشغل البلوق ؟ ممكن الأثنين ، والأهم إني أصير بروفيشنال ميك اب أرتيست

٣ / ماركة الشنط المفضله لكي ؟ حاليا مايكل كورس لأنه على  قد الميزانية p;

٤ / لندن ولا باريس وليش ؟ أحلى وقت بحياتي قضيته في باريس (أضيفو الجزء هذا للسؤال الأول لول) طبعا بلا تردد راح أختارها مافي كلام يعبر عنها بلد الجمال والفاشن والذوق والرومانسية والحب :(

٥/ ساعه روليكس ولا شنطة شانيل ؟ شنطة شانيل.

٦/ مشروبك المفضل ؟  أشرب كل شيء حسب المزاج لول بس المشروب المفضل الموية والشاي الأخضر.

٧/ انتي شخص اجتماعي فحياتك ؟ ولا بس فمواقع التواصل الاجتماعي.؟ إجتماعية مع الناس اللي أعرفهم وأرتاحلهم ، اللي ماأعرفهم يشوفوني منعزلة.

٨/ باربيكيو بارتي ولا دي جي وليش ؟ باربيكيو بارتي عشان الشوي والأكل وكذا لول

٩/ كلمه تقولينها لمحلاتنا وبضاعتهم ؟
كثر خيركم :)

١٠/ مندفعه ولا مترويه في قراراتك ؟ بالنص ماأحب أكون مندفعة لازم أفكر بس ماني مرة متروية :)

١١ / كلمه اخيره توجهينها ل نوره العوفي ؟ أحبك

Now time for my questions and the people I tag ;)

- What's your favorite quote?
- One electronic device you can't live without?
- Bright or nude lips? 
- Your favorite shoes brand?
- What would you do if you had a million riyals?
- What do you order from Starbucks?
- Something you wish its not forbidden in Islam?
- What’s the most expensive gift you’ve ever received from someone? and given to someone?
- Do you believe in zodiac? ( I do! tell me what's your sun sign so I can judge you lol)
- Has a song ever made you cry? If yes, which one?
 - Your favorite skincare tip?

I tag:


and anyone would like to do it :)

Love you all xx


  1. thanks lovely wafa i will try to do it as soon as possible

  2. Merci Wafa <3
    hahaha loved the question good it's not only about makeup cause i'm clueless :P inshallah gonna answer them asap <3

  3. Je ne savais pas que tu as un blog!! Je l'adore énormément!! Bonne continuation ma chérie <3


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